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China's construction machinery industry needs a first-class supply chain

2020/07/29 17:55
According to industry statistics, there are more than 300 basic parts and components enterprises specializing in construction machinery in China, but no more than 10 sales of over 100 million yuan, not only can not meet the needs of the increase in the output of the mainframe, let alone meet the huge repair spare parts market. It is.
Industry experts believe that for China's construction machinery industry, building a first-class supply chain is not only an expedient measure to deal with the price increase of raw materials, but also a long-term strategy for competing with foreign companies. China's construction machinery supply chain should achieve scale operation through continuous resource integration and expansion. Only on the basis of scale, supporting enterprises have the ability to develop core manufacturing technologies and achieve specialized production, in order to truly achieve the "4S" positioning, namely, product sales, after-sales service, parts supply and information collection.
Globalized supply chain
Today, with the irreversible trend of global economic integration, Chinese construction machinery enterprises should actively participate in the global division of labor, and its global supply chain should also include two aspects: on the one hand, the host manufacturing enterprises in the upstream industrial chain can be globally The resources are allocated internally to upgrade the product grades as soon as possible; on the other hand, the basic parts and components enterprises in the downstream industrial chain can go out of the country faster, and in the process of participating in the supply of foreign enterprises, they will upgrade themselves as soon as possible, thereby further supplying the entire construction machinery. The chain is bigger and stronger.
Informatized supply chain
In the post-industrial era when informationization is a prominent symbol, how to respond quickly to demand without large inventory, how to maintain the service level while minimizing existing inventory, fixed assets, transportation tools, etc. These require the nodes of the supply chain to achieve information synchronization and sharing under the support of a highly integrated information system. Domestic construction machinery enterprises, especially downstream supply chain enterprises, are still lagging behind in information construction and should catch up quickly.
Integrated supply chain
Experts in supply chain management suggest that in order to successfully implement supply chain management, it is necessary to change the traditional thinking, organically integrate the supply chain outside the enterprise and the supply chain within the enterprise to form an integrated supply chain network. The various businesses within and between enterprises are seen as a whole process, forming an integrated supply chain management system. Only in this way can we achieve the goals of lean manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, zero inventory and quick response to customer needs.

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